About Me

Welcome! My name is Layal Fayad, and I am the founder of “Layal Fayad Sleep Consulting”. I am a wife, a mother of two adorable kids, Roy and Lea, and a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant.

My journey to sleep consulting:

Roy was my first child and sleep issues never existed with him; he was naturally falling asleep through the night after only several weeks … So when Lea was born, I thought I knew exactly what to expect! But parenting is a journey and with each child comes new lessons.

We were prepared for the first couple of sleepless weeks, but then weeks turned into months, and by the 8th month, there was no end in sight. It would take us at least 1 hour to put her to bed, and she would wake up 3-4 times during the night.

I still remember the anxiety I felt putting her to sleep, not knowing how much sleep I was going to get, when would I hear her tired cries, and not knowing how to help her and us get the sleep we needed so badly. Those sleepless nights followed by tired days created a very stressful environment affecting the whole house. I was desperate to find a solution.

Layal Fayad

Layal Fayad Sleep Consulting
MS in Microbiology and Immunology from AUB
Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant.

Luckily, I stumbled upon the Sleep Sense™ program, which resonated with my beliefs and allowed me to be true to the mother I wanted to be. The program was gentle and easy to follow, and in no time Lea was sleeping 11-12 hours during the night and taking long restful naps during the day. We felt this was a gift to our family! THE GIFT OF SLEEP.

How can I help you get “The gift of sleep”?

I can clearly remember the joy we felt after she slept through the night for the first time, and how after this program bedtime turned into an enjoyable experience rather than a dreaded nightmare. Lea was happier during the day and full of energy and so were we…

I was so inspired by our experience and developed a passion for sleep and the benefit it brings to the whole family-an experience and passion that I wanted to share with others. And so, I went to the USA to get my training with the Sleep Sense™ Program creator, Dana Obleman, and became a certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant.

As a sleep consultant, I have undergone an extensive training and mentoring program, which has given me the very best tools and knowledge to help you. I will help you teach your child to develop independent sleep skills through a gentle, easy to follow step-by-step program. So, if you are ready for a baby who sleeps happily for 10-12 hours at night and takes naps like a champion, there are several ways I can help you:

  • An individual consultation (in-person, over skype, or over phone)
  • Group seminars or webinars (for expecting moms or mothers of babies with sleep troubles)
  • In-home coaching and support.

The best way to decide which of these options is right for you is to book your FREE 15 minutes consultation. This will give us the chance to discuss your child’s specific situation and come up with some ideas for a solution.

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